Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Apricon : Natural Treatment For Cancer & Chronic Diseases

Apricon is an anti-cancer food supplement produced by Farmas Health. Apricon contains 100 percent finely ground apricot kernels after undergoing a process of UV radiation that is rich in Vitamin B17 which is also known as amygdalin or laetrile. Vitamin B17 is capable of killing cancer cells and thus, is a natural treatment for chronic cancer patients.

Vitamin B17 or laetrile is also able to enhance our immune system and body resistance as well as to boost the intelligence and general health of an individual. The amygdalin components found in this Apricon, function as natural chemotherapy agents that can effectively fight cancer.

Based on scientific studies and clinical trials performed, Vitamin B17 found in Apricon is able to treat and rehabilitate and stabilise metabolic system disorders of our body system functioning abnormally. For further information, please visit http//

Apricon's effectiveness in treating and preventing various types of cancer and other chronic diseases has been clearly proven and recognised by the public, especially consumers who have used this product.

Among the benefits of using Apricon are:
  • Prevention and treatment of various kinds of cancer such as leukemia, breast cancer, cervical cancer, brain cancer, liver cancer, bone cancer, lymphoma cancer, uterus cancer, stomach cancer, prostate cancer, ovarian cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer, intestine cancer, skin cancer and others.
  • Capable of treating other chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart problem, high blood pressure, gout, Parkinson and asthma.
  • Reduction in bad cholesterol in blood.
  • Balancing sugar content in blood.
  • Improving mental health and memory.
  • Cleansing arteries.
  • Reducing joint pains.
  • Serving as a tonic and antioxidant that removes toxins in the body.
  • Helping to accelerate healing process.
  • Solving problems related to menstrual discharge.
  • Able to treat skin problems such as allergies, acne.


Apricon produced by Farmas Health, are capsules that contain the highest Vitamin B17 in the world. In metabolic therapy, when Vitamin B17 meets cancer cells, the Beta-Glucosidase enzyme which is only found in cancer cells will break down the elements found in Vitamin B17. Next, these elements which were broken down will act to kill the cancer cells. The excess Vitamin B17 will then be converted into positive elements by Rhodanese enzyme found in the body. Apricon also helps to reduce acidity and toxins in our body, thus helping to improve the pH balance of the body and help to slow down the spread of cancer.

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